Buying old sneaky pete


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Buying old sneaky pete. My max is $350
let me see what you have

OK, here we go again. I have an old Ned Morris sneaky from the California desert. It was made from an old Dufferin blank w/the maple leaf logo still in tact. It has two shafts as shown in the pictures, but I would need $400 for both shafts (one shaft was made at a later date that has the thinner collar and olive wood insert). Both shafts have fresh "Black King" medium tips that really spins the ball.

I would do $300 with one shaft (your choice of shaft). Both shafts are straight w/similar weight and tip size, around 13mm, but I can double check weight & size if interested - they both play very well. The butt is also straight & around 15.3oz, but I can double check that too - 3/8-10 brass pin.

I borrowed these pictures so they do not show the new tips. If you need additional pics or specs, just ask. Very solid playing cue.



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sneaky :D

I have a sneaky pete made by the guys at Mueller's. Not sure which of the guys actually built it, but I know when I placed the order Troy Downey was the person on the other end of the phone. It is in no way pretty... at all. I has no finish, it was originally a satin oil finish, but I had a local cue maker in CO take the finish off for me down to bare wood.
It is a 29" butt with a 30.5" shaft. 3/8 10 stainless pin, the joint is true sneaky, in that it has no rings, just straight wood to wood. From across the room is looks like a beat up old house cue. 3/4" Ferrule with a pressed LePro install. Taper is about 14 inches and tip measuers out at 12.4mm.
I am currently at work, so I dont have pics, but if you are interested, let me know and I will post pics when I get home.


If what you are looking for is a true sneaky, that looks like a beat up old house cue, but rolls perfect, and plays great. this is for sure the one.

100 bucks shipped to your door.


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Is there a specific reason that your looking for an "old" sneaky? There are a number of current cuemakers that make great playing sneaky petes.

I have an 08 or 09 Josey sneaky that plays very well. If your not only looking for an "old" sneaky I would get a hold of tommie1351. He has a couple of sneaky's for sale right in your price range.

Good luck in your search.



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there's a few Mordt sneakies around right now. Any one of those would be a nice pick up