Capone Custom Plain Jane


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Beautiful museum quality cocobolo with wire ring work. Black leather wrap. No bolt 18.8oz. with 2 shafts that came with cue. 18.6. oz with OB shaft. The butt alone weighs 15.3 oz.
Came with two shafts, one of which has an ivory ferrule. Later an original OB shaft was added & customized by Mike Capone to include matching ring work. The OB shaft was just refinished to remove built up chalk and to smooth out some minor dings from normal play. The cue is immaculate and plays well. The OB shaft is my choice to play.
The cue is worth $1200 but I will sell it for $850. No haggling & no trades. Cash only!

For some reason I'm not able to add pictures. If you are seriously interested please email me directly at Thank you!

THE CUE IS SOLD SOLD SOLD. I don't know how else to mark it SOLD since this forum is so overly COMPLICATED
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