Carbon Fiber cleaner?


Which is the best way to clean a carbon fiber shaft? Water? Alcohol? Anyone try black magic? Ultra - Glide from Mcdermott?


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High percentage alcohol wipes. I have Revo wipes. Cuetec wipes. And a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth towel and I think it’s all the same.


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Large moist high % alcohol wipes. I get the pre-packed singles. Shop around online selection is pretty expansive. I wouldn't buy the revo/cuetec wipes they are way overpriced. The glide you do not need, it actually could cause unintended issues unless you specifically have a Defy shaft. Those shafts can be tacky and this is meant to combat that shortcoming. My revo is slick as day one just using the alcohol wipes only. It also works well on the linen I have found. It will dry it out but the oils from your hand balance that out.


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I spoke to predator rep. I was told no water. I think it just spreads any oils on the shaft. 90 percent isopropyl alcohol. Sometimes hard to get. I guess 70 percent will do. Get a small spray bottle for your cue case.
No powder. Some have abrasives that can scratch.


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I've found that a quick wipe down with an alcohol wipe removes the small amount of cf dust that comes on a new shaft. After that I just spray a little Pledge on a microfiber cloth and wipe it down. The furniture wax really brings out the slick.


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70% wipes work fine. You're not soaking the shaft. It evaporates too quickly to worry about.