Carbon Fiber shafts (opinion)


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I have not read the entire thread, so forgiive me if someone else has said similar things. And this is just opinion, so take it with a very large grain of salt - eventually it comes down to you. I always say, "play what you like".

I have tried Revo 12.9 and 12.4, Cuetec, Jacoby, Meucci, and Pechauer. The Cuetec feels the most like an old wooden shaft to me, but also had a lot of deflection. Jacoby is similar but with a little less deflection. I'm largely indifferent to the Meucci and Pechauer CF shaft - nothing wrong with them, but I didn't find anything special either. Revo 12.4 is OK, but it feels distinctly different from the 12.9, which for me is the clear winner - I knew as soon as I tried it that it is the right shaft for me. If you can try several of them, hopefully one will stand out so clearly for you as well - whichever one that is, get it and don't look back.

As to the white ferrule - I've always looked at the tip when setting up, not the ferrule, so I don't understand this issue. The white ferrule with a wooden shaft makes sense, but with a dark/black shaft a white ferrule would seem to be a distraction. Again that's just me.

Here's the kicker: if you think a CF shaft will make you a better player, you are in for a disappointment - it's a shaft, not a magic wand. I chose CF because of it's consistency and durability. No more dings, scratches, warping, etc. And every 12.9 I pick up plays exactly the same. With the wooden shafts I was constantly repairing damage and replacing shafts, but with CF that is no longer a thing.
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From my understanding, the Z shafts have a modified conical taper.

The P-Lite pechauer 11.75mm shaft's taper is very close to the Z taper.

Almost every shaft out there under 12mm is typically some form of conical taper. At least wood anyway, i guess with cf you could make a really skinny pro taper and not be too whippy. This is why J. Filler went back to wood, he prefers the Z. According to Predator he will go back to Revo when the Z taper version arrives.


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I've got a Pechauer 11.8 CF and a Jacoby Black, which is a 12.3.

I had been playing with an OB 11.75, so I prefer the Pechauer 11.8 to the thicker Jacoby. It's only half a millimeter thicker, but it's definitely noticeable to me and I'm just used to the narrower shaft.

The Pechauer's taper is a little straighter than my OB which is a little more conical. It's actually kind of amazing to see how little rise there is to that thin shaft.

They have very similar ferrules, just the 1/8" sliver of white. The Jacoby's is a hair larger, and the Pechauer's is a little whiter - the Jacoby ferrule has a slightly more gray-tinted white, and the Pechauer's is slightly brighter white.

The Jacoby has a smoother and finer finish, maybe it's burnished more than the Pechauer, I don't know. The Jacoby feels almost like a metal, whereas the Pechauer has a little bit of a softer matte or flat feel. The Pechauer also looks like it might have a faux wood pattern that you can see if you look closely at it in the light. When I tap a ball with the side of the shafts, they have a slightly different sound, I'm guessing because of what's inside of them. The Pechauer marketing material mentions a "noise dampening core."

The above differences are pretty minor. If you hold both of them it would take you a second to tell them apart.

I think I shoot better with the Pechauer, but I'm not sure if that's because the deflection characteristics are more similar to what I'm used to, or the diameter, or something else.
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