Carbon Fiber Shafts


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I have three carbon fiber shafts, looking to sell 2 of them and keep the 3rd. I like all 3 so I'll simply keep the one that doesn't go. I'll post pics and weight up later today but everything is standard, nothing has been changed and all three have minimal use. They are all for a radial pin, have been used on a Mark Bear Cue and a Paul Dayton.

Cuetec Cynergy - 12.5mm - $290 Shipped CONUS

Pechaur Rogue 30 inch 12.4mm - $385 Shipped CONUS

Jacoby Black 12.3mm - $320 Shipped CONUS
what is the joint configuration on any of these

John Woon

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i see .... thanks for the info... i wasnt trying to be annoying aporeciate the insight.
IMO there is the subjective feel of the hit and all of the physics differences of the material. Carbon is harder and stiffer than wood can be which imparts different sensations to the hands.
However having shafts made by custom makers they simply cannot recreate the same taper over and over again on wood.
So if you want the same taper moving through your bridge you have to go synthetic and machine made.
I could be wrong but I was told by a cue maker he cannot make two wooden shafts with tapers similar enough to feel the same in your bridge during the stroke of a shot
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