Case for jump cue


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Does anybody still make a leather case for the butt of a jump cue. Looking for some kind of add on case that I could hook or affix to my case. Thanks in advance.


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I have a very old Instroke 3x5 that has a zipper on the side for a compartment
that's perfect for the jump cue grip.

I can not recommend those cases highly enough. Had mine since the company
first started and I use it almsot every day. It still works 100% flawlessly.
Zippers, latches, strap, inside, locks, all the stuff.

I don't know about their other cases but this 3x5 definitely has the side compartment.


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I bought one from a dealer at the sbe. I dont remember who. I have two predator towels. Very thick. My wife is going to sew them together to make a pouch. She will put velcro inside the top flaps. Since they have reinforced holes i can easily clilp this onto my case. This will serve as a towel when empty and a pouch to hold all the accessories i like to bring along.