CBSA Canadian Championships eligibility amateur/open


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A lot of discussion has been going on in regards to this topic.

Apparently people have been confusing 'PRO' and 'OPEN'. Trying to justify their 'amateur status' by saying they aren't pros. (Johnny, Jason, Erik, Alex, Brittany, Naomi)

CBSA website clearly shows the classification of your status on the following page.

You have to be eligible to play in the amateur event to qualify for the amateur price. The only exceptions to this handicapping rule, as I've been told, are players who while they qualify as their designation (IE 7 on 404, or other ontario tours) that they may be told they don't qualify as an amateur status if they haven't been actively playing and have had significant improvement.

So for all you 'OPEN' players expecting to pay the 'amateur' entry fee, please be prepared to pay the full price. It would be a big shame if people travelled a long distance with an idea in their head that wasn't correct.

See below for the clarification for 'amateur'