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CEM is German, so you'll find not a lot in this rather USA centric forum ;)

The gallery seems to be accurate, I've seen ones on sale here and they look exactly like this: http://www.cem-cues.com/gallerie/index.html

His LD shaft has an excellent reputation and hit, as far as one reads, but a recent OB or WX900 has even less deflection with the same nice feel.
Quality is said next to be flawless, but there's a waiting list ;)

He also does a lot of customizations of anything you like.

Some examples below -

Shaft (60 glued parts):

A cue for sale:

Show the cues thread:



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CEM cues

I have owned three of his cues now. A break cue, a merry window, and a wrapless coco. I recently sold the merry window. They all hit great. His LD shafts are some of the best I have ever tried and I have tried just about all of them. The quality of his work was some of the best I have seen also. I am currently playing with his jump break cue and the wrapless coco cue with ivory joint. The wrapless I am shooting with now has a radial pin and it shoots somewhat stiff with his LD shaft. The break cue uses the 3/8x11 pin and so did the merry window I had. The break cue is one of the best I have used also. Breaks as good as my mezz with pro H shaft I was using before.

I have a custom I am waiting to get built from him. Wait time is 8+ months now. Should be done end of the year. Cant wait to get it.

Below is a picture of my current shooting cue. I did not take this picture, but you can really see the wood he used in this cue is above and beyond exceptional.

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sorry borrowed your picture of the cue. looks so much better than any i have. Best hitting CEM I have tried :)