Centennials after cleaning with Dawn?


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Immma look into the tiger stuff for sure. I'd love to support them.

I do 2 drops on first spinning 8 balls, then 1 drop on the subsequent 8.

Wow!!! My balls stay pretty nice between cleanings. I have a Diamond polisher and I put 1 drop of Aramith cleaner on every other ball, so I use 8 drops to clean 16 balls. I have had my small bottle (maybe 4-5 oz.?) for about 5 years, I expect it to last at least another 5. Just doing my balls between both tables I have 4 sets I run thru the polisher regularly.


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I think the amount of silicone used would be the determining factor. IMO a little bit of the stuff will not hurt anything. BTW, don't the Aramith products contain waxes? I thought that was supposed to be no-no also.

I don't think the Aramith stuff has any silicone. I do know that if I use car wax/polish that the cue ball plays much different, makes it kind of fun using a lot of english. :LOL:
When the balls come out of the polisher they feel clean but I wouldn't say slippery like a car feels after a fresh wax job. That's the best explanation I can come up with.

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i throw mine into the washing machines , liquid soap , bleach
and then polish and polish again , over 1 dozen sets , works for me :alien:
people always think i'm kidding when i talk about this , check photo's
# Centennials :: that's exactly how they appear "washed"
# Aramith Pro :: washed cleaned polished kissed and hugged





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I fully agree, I don't understand why some people are penny wise and pound foolish.

For under $30, you can get both bottles

This^^^. Household cleaners were not and are not designed to be used on phenolic resign that is used in playing pool. Not even automotive products. I don't understand how people pay $300-$400 on a set of premium balls then use harsh dishwashing detergent on them. If you are spending top dollar for a set of balls, go the extra mile and invest $20 in a product designed to clean and protect your investment. I'd go further and recommend a proper machine to clean them in; one of the few on the market or the DIY unit.


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Don't use dishwashing soap on anything but dishes. A damp paper towel after playing is all you need for billiard balls. Don't overdo it.

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