Chalk marks


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So lately I’ve been watching the matches in the Philippines with the guy running around marking balls with chalk.

And I always hear Danny D talking about the 4 rail kick to get out of the break in 1 pocket. I practice 1 pocket by myself a lot and I came up with an awesome break and had a few low percentage chances to get behind opponents hanging ball from the stack or short rail but the 4 railer was calling. I didn’t want to loose track though of ball positions in case I fudged it up, I wanted to practice with that set up to find the best way out. So I got a piece of chalk from the dart board and marked a few of them and man it is the greatest thing for practicing.

It’s so easy to mark multiple balls quickly and you can practice pretty complex setups over and over. Maybe not dead ball or close type situations but enough to be going on with. Donuts work well for some things but they take time and are a pain for several ball clusters.

So I’m just throwing the idea out for anyone who likes. It’s made my 1p practice 5x more thorough and the marks wipe up well with a licked finger.

Wow. It took me 2 hours 46 minutes to write this. In between real life n stuff.