Charles C. Peterson and Isaac Leon Klasky


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I picked up a nice ebony 26 1/2 over the weekend that came out of an estate sale in Olivette, MO, near St. Louis. The MOP wedge in the buttsleeve is engraved "To My Friend I. Leon Klasky from Charles C. Peterson 1925.

When googling both and posting question to gain more knowledge of the men and cue, I found all of the information on Peterson relative to the B.A.A., BCA Hall of Fame, and three movie shorts featuring him made in the late 1930's.

I was also informed that Mr. Klasky was in the movie industry in the 10's-20's and was a producer and director. Does anyone have any knowledge that might link the two. I am wondering whether Mr. Klasky may have had a hand in any of the three movie shorts, and that is why he gifted the cue to him. I would also like to know whether Mr. Klasky was a decent billiard player. The cue is a billiard cue, not pool cue. Thanks for any information you may provide.