Chinese knockoffs of Aramith Tournament set


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My local room got a set of these to try out, $40.

Have to say they did not play too bad, had the same hefty feel as the real Tournament set did, not quite as lively of an action as the Pro Cup set so that part was true to how the real Tournament set feels.

QC is not the best, there were a few things that you won't see in a good set like the line in the 9 or the wavy edges of the stripe on the 10, but at almost 1/10th the cost, the only telling thing will be how long they last without chips or dirt getting embedded in the finish.

Cueball red dots were more red than the Aramith cueball and the dots did not have the 3D look going into the finish on this set, they look to be flat on the surface.

Maybe if we get another set I'll find someone to cut into them to see the construction.





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After a few days of play, the cueball got pretty dirty with blue, and simple wiping with a microfiber cloth did not clean it off very well. The blue got a bit lighter but the marks were all over the place. I spend a few hours sparring with a good player and he liked the set, felt he got more spin and action from the cueball than the Aramith one. Ball collisions felt true to the angle and speed, probably with a good quality cueball the rest of the set would be just fine to use.