Chuck Norris in a straight to DVD pool movie?!

risky biz

Trounced... LOL... On a 10 foot table with 760 on the rails and 860 on the bed, heated, and a shot clock with a 6 foot pool cue.

Of course Shane wont play him again... no one plays on that dumbshit... Earl cant beat Shane on any normal conditions, he has to create some asinine shit like that.

What the heck? Wasn't Earl playing on the same table as Shane?

risky biz

A lot more than 99%. There are hundreds of millions of people in the US alone, that would mean that there are several 100,000 of pool players in the US that can beat Earl. I doubt that.

1% of a large number is a large number.

I'd say 99.99% of the world can't beat Earl. Maybe even a bit less.

You mean a bit more couldn't beat him, don't you?

I'm guessing that 99.999% of the population of all pool halls on any given day couldn't beat Earl.