Clarification with this "Scooter"guy.


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JCIN said:
Man. Now I'm confused.

This is the Scooter I'm talking about.
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The other kid with the sideways hat and the pants around his knees was Timmy.
thats the scooter i have known 4 a couple of years. not personally known but thats the name he was/ is using


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Pugh said:
I guess if that is the case scooter was just trying to get me involved in a game by telling me his name was Justin Whitehead.

If his intent is to get a game why will he use the name of a better player.Justin white head is a stronger player than Scooter.:cool:


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If anybody knows the where abouts of Scooter (goodman) a friend of mine would like to talk to him. You can pm me. Thanks


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Timberly said:
The only scooter I've ever known is the one that JCIN posted a pic of. I do recall seeing a pic of a guy that Pugh mentioned. Pugh, is this the guy you thought was Scooter?

Ahhh what a great poster child for Toledo. Really makes us proud that this guy is representing us!!!! :D



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