!!!! Cleaning out closet nothing over $300 !!!!


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Cleaning out bunch of smaller cues I have picked up in trade over past few months. Do my best for quick description but for more info or better pics of certain cue easier text me at 757-999'0672

1. Mcdermott butt only. Good condition 3/8x10 pin. Butt: 29" 14.4oz. Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!!

2. Mcdermott ( Indian scene) 3/8x10. Great condition leather wrap. 18.7oz 12.82mm. Asking 120.00 shipped

3. Players Cue great condition 5/16 x18. 19.2oz. 13mm. Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!

4. Players wrapless PureX good condition. 5x16x18. 19.0oz. 13mm
Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!!

5. Players, edge. Playable condition monster shaft. 5/16 x18. 18.8oz. 12.76mm. Shaft weighs 4.4oz.
Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!

6. Maximizer earl Strickland cue. Cuetec pin. Playable but dinged up. 21oz make good break cue 13mm shaft Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!!

7. Sigel jump break. Butt has bad roll shaft straight. Good cosmetic condition
20oz 13mm. Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!

8. Unknown Jump bresk Good condition. 5/16 x18. 19.7oz. 12.5mm
Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!

9. Meucci Hp1. Great condition few minor dings. Red dot shaft. 19oz. 12.95mm. Asking. SOLD SOLD!!!!

10. Mezz wx900 united joint. New g2 m. 29" 3.8oz. 11.98mm. SOLD SOLD!!!!#

11. Predator 314 original. Blck collar. 29" 5/16 x14. 12.45mm. 3.6oz. Old mooring tip. Asking SOLD SOLD!!!!

12. Predator 314-2 uniloc. New g2 S tip. 29" 3.8oz. 12.70mm. Asking SOLD SOLD!!!!!!

Text for faster response 757-999-0672

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