Coco olivewood sugartree + gtf


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I just got this wrapless Sugartree from a guy in my
area who was selling it a couple weeks ago on this forum.
The guy I got it for went with a cue i had with a wrap so this one is going back
Butt- 15.3 ounces
Shaft1- 4.1 ounces ( minimal use , with a Ultraskin soft tip)
Shaft2- 3.9 ounces ( brand new never hit a ball )
Truly a outstanding cue that features Olivewood forearm and buttsleeve
with a highly figured Cocobolo handle and 2 great shafts.
I will be shipping it in a real black leather GTF case thats in 95% condition.
The only issue with the case is one of the loops that hold the strap broke off.
Besides that perfect!! and its a 2x4 as well!
This combo I'm putting out there for SOLD which will include shipping to
USA or Canada.
This is a fantastic cue in immaculate condition. First come first serve.
Joint protectors included.Thanks Scott


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