Color commentator for Mosconi Cup


I say no to Ra Hanna. I appreciate his enthusiasm and think he is good in one on one player interviews, but his overly hyped style really starts to grate before long when doing match commentary.

Agreed. His commentary is cliche after cliche without adding any meaningful insight. Providing that extra analysis and insight for the broadcast is the whole point of a color commentator.

A big part of what makes people like Karl, JJ, Darren, etc. great in that role is their ability to blend their extensive knowledge of the game with some personality. All while maintaining a professional demeanor. I don't know how long Ra has been casting matches but at this point he does not possess those qualities.
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I'd like to see Earl and Jay Helfert in the booth. Would be a great pair imo.
I think Jay Helfert is a terrible commentator. Especially for Mosconi. I'm also not a fan of Ted Learner's commentary, but at least he's respectful towards the players, so he has a leg up on Jay. My choices would be Alex Lely, Jeremy Jones, Josh Roberts has done some great 1 pocket commentary. I'm sure he'd do great with 9 ball. I haven't heard John Schmidt do commentary, but I'm sure he'd be great. He's a great speaker and a funny guy. Karl will be a big loss in the booth. He's also funny and obviously knowledgeable.


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Ken Shuman and Allison Fisher would work for me. Ken is a walking encyclopedia of the pool games.