Connelly San Carlos (Arizona mfg.)


I may have an opportunity to purchase an older Connelly San Carlos table (made in AZ not TX, made sometime between 2006 and 2010). Oak wood finish. 4.5 x '9 with 3 piece slate (not sure of thickness, could be 1.25). Price would be 2K which includes 12 cues, cue rack, balls, and light. I have a 20' x 15.25' room in basement with new Pergo laminate flooring (10mm thick + attached pad) installed on concrete subfloor. Easy access with outside walk up stairs.

I will probably get to look at the table sometime in the next 2 weeks. Move would be less than 5 miles.

Is this something worth considering? Any ball park #s for moving and set up costs? May consider new Simonis 860 depending upon cloth condition.