Corsair Custom 1987 Cue with McKernan Case REDUCED TO SELL


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Price Reduced $500 to Sell....

FIRST OFFER OF $1,250 takes it all.

Purchased in 1987 directly from Cue Maker Hall of Famer, Hank Korsiak and it is a work of art. According to Roger, his son and now owner of Corsair Cues, the cue is worth $2,200. He also verified the Ivory is REAL and the Hank made the cue a few years before he passed away. Hank also put my name on the reverse side of the handle. Comes as shown with the two shafts and the case.

The case is a fine McKernan original from Washington - leather logo inside.

I absolutely hate to part with it, but must. Used very little and stored for the last 6 years.


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