Couple of Tex Custom Cues FS!!!!!!


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I've got a couple of brand new unhit Tex custom cues for sale.

Both cues feature impregnated burl points and buttsleeves. I'm not 100% sure on the wood but it looks to be walnut burl to me.

The first features a segmented wrap with fancy rings. The second is a solid wrap.

Both cues come with one shaft and are a 5/16x14 piloted joint pin. No ivory in either cue.


Segmented wrap cue:
Butt: 15.7 oz
Shaft: 12.8 mm 3.6 oz

$700 OBO

Solid wrap cue:
Butt: 15.9 oz
Shaft: 12.9 mm 3.8 oz


Any questions please feel free to PM me. Trades welcome on either cue.

Thanks for looking



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