Cue butt a bit warped - fix it or leave it?

I see from antique pool and billiards catalogs that they offered a service to straighten warped cues. I have never been able to bend a butt or shaft straight, tried weights, steaming, etc etc. I wonder how they did it?

If someone has a severe warp it is possible to cut a butt in half and tenon it back together. It might end up 1/4 in shorter, you can add a ring and do other things to reclaim some length. Technically, it will have two humps of half the amplitude but it will roll straight enough to satisfy most players. Of course, you have to reface the joint.

If the cue has a wrap, it often warps in that area, I think on cheaper cues they don’t reseal after cutting for the wrap. If so, you can rejoin it under the wrap.

I think its 99% a mental thing, if a player knows his cue has a warp, it will eat at them and can affect their playing.
Yes I agree its a mental thing,I can play with it and I really have no problems but only at home I wouldn't play a tournament with for that reason


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This post isn't directed at anyone in particular.
Did you not play well before nothing said warp?
You're mind is not on the game if it's on the warp.