Cue maker / case builder question(s)


Here’s the long story ….
My father ( now. Deceased ) my brothers and I are all hunters. We have a multitude of deer hides that have been tanned. My father and mother have jackets made from them. My brothers and I wee about to have jackets made and as unfortunate circumstances would have it the gentleman who was going to custom make our jackets passed away shortly after taking our order. I/we can not find another person or business who does this.
Brainstorming on what I can do with said deer hides I thought of pool. Here are the cue and case related questions.
Deer hides are very soft/thin leather.
Can I have a cue made with a deer hide wrap?
This could also include possible deer antler inlays?
Could a cue case be built using deer hide ?
I tried to message Rusty Melton through Facebook no response yet.
Thanks in advance for any information


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Yes to wrap and small inlays and maybe ferrules. But you would have to find a case maker to make a case.