cue repair


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How much are used cue repair lathes? And what brand are decent/proven machines? Also will most of the machines do sneakypetes out stock wood you can buy online or do you need a cue making machine not repair lathe I ask because I found this but it is out of my price range...


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Not trying to discourage you but if that one is out of your price range you need to save up for a while longer if you want something to be able to turn stock wood into cues with.

You might consider one of these ...........

It's what I have and I've made some old one piece house cues into some nice looking 2-piece cues. It's not really designed as a cue making lathe, it's a repair lathe that can be used for basic conversions, etc. though.

Also remember there are several hundreds of dollars worth of parts/pieces/drill bits/taps/drive sets etc that you will also need to purchase just to be able to effectively repair cues, let alone build them.

If I were to purchase a lathe more specifically designed for building cues, I'd buy one of these in a heart beat ..........

Good luck.