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I have some cue shafts for sale. Please understand These Shafts are from 80's,90's,early 2000's. Some are played and most have been Sitting in cases. They are being sold as is! I do not know history of any Items.This applies to the other items I have for sale. I have Priced the Items for todays market. If your inquiring about a purchase please PM me.
Look at the specs. They came from a collection from Maryland last year. Most of these shafts are 10 to twenty years old.
Most have not even been hit. I just measured them. There are some real monsters. Here are the specs. SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES EXTRA.

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Very Nice shafts...The one I got is better than described!!!

Really NICE !!!


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Dear sir i set you a pm i have some peolpe that would like to buy some safts from you if you want pm me call me or post here ... let me know if you want to sale some shafts ....