Cue wiz

Anybody else use this? The new ones on the burnished side don't last long.they work great,hell I have one of the originals that still works ok on both sides,that I won at super billiards expo in valley forge about 15 ys ago,had to beat Mike Massey to get it, lucky afternoon for sure


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Yes - have had the same 5 or 6 that I rotate for several years. They become a little less abrasive over time but don’t really wear out. Keep one in my pocket to use every time I play. Better than anything similar for smoothing and burnishing the shaft.


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i use the soft side of the q wiz after every session. i’ve read some stuff about how its still a minor abrasive and will take down your shaft over time but it works very well.

might try to find some raw natural leather to use instead some day but for now i like the results. I dont have any sealant on my ob1+ so a little water or iso and the qwiz keeps it smooth.