Cuetec 13-940 Ebony Cynergy Cue - Brown/Black


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Cuetec Cynergy cues are chock-full of performance thanks to their 15K Cynergy Carbon Fiber shafts. This CT940 model pairs that top-of-the-line shaft (the same shaft that World Champion Shane Van Boening uses) with a gorgeous satin finished natural ebony butt. As you can see in the picture, the ebony used is more brown than the deep blacks typically seen with ebony which allows for the unique wood grains to pop with nature's beauty.

The 15K Cynergy shaft is constructed with alternating 90 degree and 0 degree plies of carbon fiber providing incredible strength and guaranteed for life straightness in the shaft. A polyurethane foam core inside the shaft dampens the feedback drastically so that the hit has a solid feel without that hollowed out "ting" found in some other carbon fiber shafts. Topped with a 12.5mm Tiger Sniper tip and Cuetec's thin white sighting ferrule for contrast that aids with aiming and control this cue has everything you look for.

I've used the cue around 20 - 30 racks. I'm not able to play right now so just need to get rid of it. In perfect condition, no scratches, no dings, Never used as a jump cue. Here below us a link to my ebay sell. PM me for more details.

Sadly, I'm having to sell the cue. I just don't play as much as I use too. Cheers