Custom cues vs. Production cues


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Just my opinion -- if your player is a custom made cue and you have been playing with it for a long time and lets say something happens to it - I do not believe that the cue maker can make you another that will take its place that will hit and feel the same but a good modern production line cue, Predator, Cuetec, Shon, Meucci, Mezz, Falcon , Schuler etc. to name a few , you can easily re-adapt to as far as replacement goes.


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I would agree that no 2 cues would provide the same hit. So a custom maker will not able to 100% duplicate a previous cue.

However, that logic also applies to production cues, probably more so though, since Q&A is not as stringent.

I have had an opportunity to try many different cues, with many different shafts. I can honestly say, no two hit alike. some were similar, but not identical. I saw the biggest difference between the exact same model production cue. An schon Stl19, tried different shafts, between the two butts, and one hit great, and one hit hollow.

I have both production and custom in my case. I just picked up a Sugartree from Eric, a wrapless full splice with 2 shafts that is considerably cheaper than the P3 the OP mentioned. It is the best cue I ever hit with. I have let many people at the hall try it, and even people who swear by their preds, have said it hits better than their Icon, or sneaky, or thrones.

As for the cost argument, that falls short. You can get a great custom cue from reputable cuemaker for less than a lot of production cues. there is a Nitti for sale right now for $650 in the for sale forum. Point is there are really expensive production cues, and really expensive customs. There are also reasonably priced cues in both areas.

the people who say it boils down to the players preference and the cue they prefer are correct. Cost, custom, production, LD, solid maple ... all of it plays a role, but in the end if the player likes what they use then good on them.

I am glad the OP likes his Pred. I still think my new sugartree for less, is better though ;)


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The outcome of a match is determined by 98% you and 2% your equipment.
Play with what you like, enjoy it, and work on your game.

Nobody has ever lost a match because they played with a custom and not a mezz or a schon etc. Most matches are lost standing up. Shooting the wrong ball picking the wrong speed the wrong english, not trusting your stroke, swing thoughts, etc. ( also no way in hell a predator butt hits significantly better than say a mezz butt or a custom. I’ve played with them all. Once you adjust it doesnt really matter ). Also predator cues are ugly in my opinion that’s why I sold all mine, no regrets. Btw the worst hitting cues I ever touched were cheap production cues.


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I have a bunch of Viking cues for guest/house cues in my home. I buy them with the cheapest low end Viking shaft and throw the shaft away. Instead I like to play around with different shafts from different makers on them. I have Viking Vikore, Viking ExactShot, Predator 314-3, Jacoby Edge Hybrid, Mezz wx700 and others. All are different but all are fine production products.

I am with the OP right up to focusing in on Predator as having something over other production cue manufacturers....I just dont see it, but for him it may be the right one. I currently tend to grab the Jacoby Edge or ExactShot but it's really personal preferance once you are up in the $2-300 shaft range.

Cheap production cues are some of the worst products out there. They all seem to have a budget line with very little in common with their better cues and every one of them is junk.

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