Custom Kilby/Predator for sale


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Here is a one-of-a-kind Kilby/Predator carom cue. I built it to compare the Predator Revo ULD shaft to my own carbon shaft, have played with it for two months. The shaft is the Predator ULD carom shaft, 11.8mm Victory soft tip, Uniloc joint,SN 3L10807. The butt has maple forearm with 3 veneers, Brazilian rosewood handle, pink ivory buttpiece with four large lapis lazuli inverted spearpoints, finished with a 3-Lobite buttcap for Longoni extensions. Total weight is 19.5 with tiger clear wrap, 18.5 without the wrap. Shaft was $650 from Kozoom, butt would be $695 w/o shafts from my shop. I offer the cue at $950 delivered in the US. Email me at