Danny "NIKE" Baugher


I love this freakin' game
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Local player in the Orlando area since the Mid-80's. He'd be mid 40's by now.

Not a champion, but a good shot maker, a solid A+ / low open speed gambler.

We all called him "NIKE", because we literally never saw him wear ANYTHING besides a Nike T-shirt, which was like a uniform, for.... YEARS!!!

I've seen him around for years, and he's evolved from a fearless, at times crazy, shot maker into a super careful safety player. Oddly he hates 1-pocket and I don't think has ever played a single game of it.

He "invented" his own weird little game of playing a 9-ball rack and only keeping score of each others fouls.

He might play a race to 15 or 20 fouls rather than games.

Anybody else know of Danny / Nike, have any good stories?