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Louis Roberts Action and Entertainment Award
  • The award is given to the person that exemplifies the terms “Action and Entertainment”
  • It is the only major award that is not part of any of the main events or additional tournaments
  • The winner gets their image hung from the rafters on the Banner of Champions along with other main tournament champions (1-Pocket, Banks, 9-ball, Master of the Table)
  • The winner gets free hotel and tournament entry for life at the Derby City Classic

Past Recipients:

2003 – Alex Pagulayan
2004 – Tony Watson
2005 – Scott Frost
2006 – Cliff Joyner
2007 – Chris Bartram
2008 – Shane Van Boening
2009 – Scooter Goodman
2010 – Jeanette Lee
2011 – David Peat
2012 - Tony Coleman
2013 – Chris Gentile

Who Gets to Vote:
  • Forum members who attend the DCC - this makes YOU (forum members) responsible for the voting
  • Other action aficionados that might not frequent forums

Who is Eligible for the Award
  • Anyone who the voter deems worthy of the award based on the combination of action and entertainment.
  • Whatever action and entertainment means to the voter.
  • The award doesn’t have to go to a player: a player, backer, sweater, rail bird, etc. can win
  • They do not have to be in any tournament
  • No previous winner can repeat

Where and How to Vote:

Seek me out at the Derby City Classic ( I arrive Sunday Jan 26th for the remainder of the week). I will log your votes immediately.


For those who cannot find me for some reason at the DCC – email your vote(s) when you get back home to:

LouieRobertsAE@gmail.com (Please be sure to write your Forum Name and when you attended the Derby City Classic)

Send (or tell) as many names as you want. This would be similar to Hall of Fame balloting. For example, if you can't decide whether one guy or another should get your vote, send both if you want. If you think five people deserve to be mentioned, send five names.

Voting Closing and Announcement

Voting Will Close on Sunday Feb 2nd at Midnight

The committee will make an announcement as soon possible, targeting within a day of the end of the event. That should give everyone enough time to either give me their votes at the Derby or send me an email when they leave. If you’re planning a one week drive home, you might want to seek me out.

Any questions, concerns or clarifications, please email to



Freddie Agnir

Louie Roberts Action & Entertainment Award Committee Head
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Action award

My pick is Brian(Gentleman)White or Jason (the Sock)Kerkas. Both were like buried in action. Hope one of the win it. Both good guys to play and gamble with. Both got heart and gamble ,the sock and the gentleman,thats like butch cassidy and the sundance kid. Rich aka the skunk.


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Danny Smith - He should have won it last year. Again this year, he was in the Action Room every day and every night, playing anyone in whatever game they wanted.

Billy Thornton and Richie Richeson should also get consideration.