Declaring Value on Shipped Cues


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Just curious whether anyone has had the misfortune of having a cue completely damaged or lost in shipment and their experience with the carrier in getting complete resolution after filing a claim. More specifically, I’m interested in shipments where the declared value was for more than $2-3K. I so often hear that when purchasing extra insurance for 1 of kind collector stuff, whether cues or any such item, you’re going to have a tough battle in getting any carrier to ever make good on it. Basically, if it is a toaster you’ve just lost in shipment, then everything might get eventually resolved to the shipper's satisfaction. If it is artwork or a collectible cue, especially anything high end and not easily replaceable, you may be screwed in the end despite the declared value. Sooo, is purchasing added insurance on a $5K cue you are about to ship via FedEx really just a false peace of mind? :confused: