Default Parallels Plesk Page

Green Hornet

When I enter, I get a default Parallels Plesk Page.

I can access the Forums by googling azbilliards and then clicking on the Forums. It seems the only part I can't view is the Homepage.

This probably has been addressed on this forum. However, I've just read about people being asked to re-enter usernames and passwords.

Any help will be appreciated. I realized how much I enjoy this site when access was not possible. Thanks go out to all who make AZBilliards possible.


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i noticed that too , same pb for the forums subdomain when i looked to But if you add /index.php to the URL, then it worked.
( --> )
kind of server weirdness it is ;)

It looks like this server problem is fixed now ...


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If you are still seeing that try holding ctrl and hit F5 - this will refresh the page and get rid of the cached data which may be causing you to see the problematic page.


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What's "Parallels Plesk"?

pj <- probably sorry I asked

It is a control panel for managing website hosting
When azb was down days ago , the page showed Parallel plesk from few days ago
Those who still see that page just have to clear the cache :D