Deflection and good pool players


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The predator claims to have much lower deflection. I have talked to one or two people about this but this really bugs me. If deflection is bad, and the predator has less of this, then why are so many very good pool players using other shafts?

And I am assuming money is not as issue because many of them spend lots of money on custom cues.



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One reason is it might be because of their sponsor, like if they were sponsored by a cue company or cue maker then they might not be allowed to put someone elses shaft on it. Another reason, why i guesse not everyone likes 314. Again the statement"Why fix something when it ain't broke". Personally i think it's just mostly hype.

Joseph Cues

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Because players have different preferences.
Some might not like the taper, tip diameter, the hollowed-end feeling, soft ferrule and/or vibration from it.


Deflection is so minimal with a good quality shaft. Your mind compenstates for deflection all by it self with most people. So switching shafts for someone who already is a player is kinda messing with something that works well already.