Delmarva Bar Box Tour

Big Pappa Pool

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Just an update, we will be posting the Delmarva Bar Box Tour schedule on Wed. We will also be posting our point system and misc. items. Any questions about the tour, feel free to e-mail: For more information visit

Big Pappa Pool

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2013 - 2014

Tournament Directors
Gary Cottingham - 302-542-8803
Eric Williamson - 302-236-3789

Skill Level APA/BCA

Main Second Chance
8-9 $35 8-9 $30
6-7 $30 6-7 $25
4-5 $25 4-5 $20
1-3 $20 (all women entry) 1-3 $15

Membership (includes all green fees) $25 for entire season (no refunds)

Green Fees (per tournament for non-members) $15

Doors open at 10a.m
Registration ends at 11:15a.m No late Entry’s
Calcutta at 11:15
Tournament starts at 12:15

8 Ball 5/3
9 Ball 6/3
10 Ball 6/3

• Top female will be paid $25, if three or more play. The more females that play, the higher the payout!
• Calcutta $5 minimum

Break contest
9 ball rack – each person gets to attempt to break 3x. A combination of the ball pocketed will be added up for a final score. Whoever has the most balls pocketed as a final score, wins the pot. Each person is allowed one chance per tournament. Tickets are $3 a piece. Ten numbers will be drawn per tournament.