DENALI Purple Heart & Locust Breaker


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Here is a breaker made from a solid piece of curly Purple Heart with a handle
sleeve of HONEY LOCUST. The PH is one piece from the joint all the way
thru the threaded butt cap. All joints are phenolic and the pin is G-10.
The shaft is PH with a EURO taper, White Diamond tip, G-10 ferrule is 13mm.
The weight with the shaft shown is 19.1 ounces with a forward balance.
This shaft configuration is a real hitter and is designed to disperse the balls
with a minimum amount of effort while still maintaining cue ball control. Other
shaft/tip combinations are available.
Honey Locust wood is native to North America and is hard and stable with a JANKA of 1580. The wood has good tonal properties. The tree has some nasty thorns that are so hard they have been used as nails. This cue is available for sale on the WANTED FOR SALE section.
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