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I arrived for my initial visit with Dr Vigil a week ago and was handed new patient forms to fill out. The forms had been copied so many times and the letters were so small they were virtually impossible to read in many places. You’d have to be an expert in miniature writing to get your phone number squeezed in where they wanted it. On the top of page 2 were about 8 numbered blank spaces to be filled in with no heading advising what info they were requesting.

I asked the girl at the desk what was being asked for and she did not know nor did any of the other three ladies there including who i was told was the office manager. Four of them huddling around the form and not one of them knowing a thing about them.

While i was at the desk, i also tried to point out how poor the copies were visually and the lack of room to fill in a telephone number but was rudely talked over for half of it so im not sure they heard all of what i was saying. I did say this is the first thing a new patient sees and you are not making a good impression which they heard for sure. Never raised my voice or expressed too much attitude. I was only trying to point out obvious deficiencies so they could address them.

The lady in front of me turned in her papers saying “I filled in what i could but i couldnt’t read most of it” I was not alone. Another man approached the desk asking for clarification on the forms and must have said “Yes i know that, what I am asking is………” FOUR TIMES before they understood his question. It wasn’t him, trust me.

I gave the girl a copy of my most recent MRI and asked her to make a copy and give mine back to me. I was only through maybe 12 of the 15 pages of the intake forms when i was called into see the Dr., not realizing my copy of the MRI had never been returned.

Long story short; we seemed to amicably discuss my Medical history, plus he himself states that the ‘initial- visit’ patient forms were awful and needed to be done over.

At some point with my MRI in his hand, the Dr asked if this was his copy. I said they were supposed to make a copy for you and give me mine back but i guess they never did that-He said something similar to “Oh Well’ and i said "I guess competence at that level is hard to find.” With that, in the middle of taking my Blood Pressure, he said with attitude “You know sir, you have been making negative comments since you first walked in here-You know you are free to walk out that door at anytime” Im not going to be sassed by this twerp so out i walked, ripping off the BP cuff and being sure to call him a jerk as i left.

PS-There was only a 5 minute wait to see Dr Derek Vigil that day and now you know why.