Difficulty selling a snooker table?


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HI all,

I had to sell my old table and am looking to replace it. I am hoping to get something that I can flip down the road and keep "trading up" until I get my ideal table.

There is a GC 1 snooker table that is in phenomenal shape (not even any corrosion on the pocket castings or logo) that I can get for a really good price because the guy is in a hurry to sell because he is moving.

I would be buying this more as a table to resell than anything else (will need to use short cues in some spots). I read RKCs info on how difficult the snooker to pool table conversion is so that isn't an option.

How much more difficult is it to sell a snooker table? I expect they aren't too easy to sell due to the size but am not sure if I should pass on it just because of that.



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