Discounted Buy Backs


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A local tournament that I frequent uses a single elimination format with a limited number buy backs, depending on the turnout. The players who lose in the first round usually have the option to buy back into the tournament, assuming there are buy backs available.

The fairness of the ability to buy back into a singe elimination format can be debated. I can see both sides to the debate. On one hand, I understand how it can be regarded as unfair for a loser to be allowed back into a SE tournament. On the other hand, I can also see how the buy back option can increase the tournament turnout and total pot.

But my beef is the ability to buy back at a discount. For example, the entry fee for the 9 ball tournament that I frequent is $20, but buy backs are only $10. I don't understand the discount at all. IMO the buy back discount is extremely unfair to the players who happen to make it past the first round (since after the first round there will no longer be any opportunities to buy back in). The ability to buy back in should be at least the same as the starting entry fee.

Am I the only one that feels this way?


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I agree.
I've never played in a pool tournament like that, but I've played in many backgammon
and poker tournaments with buy-backs.
The buy-back was always the same price as the entry fee.