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Beautiful pair of matching wood players cues for sale.

Pat Diveney 2013 4 point Bocote into Ebony, Ivory joint, Radial pin, Hoppe butt, 2 shafts one is an Old Growth Lakewood shaft. The Bocote is as nice as I've seen, the cue looks sweet.
Butt- 15.12oz
Both shafts are 12.8mm with Kamui tips. The Lakewood shaft is 4oz and the other shaft is 3.75oz. To me the shafts are straight but I will say they have a slight taper roll.
The cue rolls straight together and apart. There are a few small dings in the butt, nothing through the finish. There is a couple small scuffs marks on the very bottom of the butt. Nothing you wouldn't expect from a playing cue and you have to look close to see anything.

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Diveney Bocote1.jpg

Diveney Bocote5.jpg

Diveney Bocote3.jpg

Samsara Jump Break with extra Dart stroke Handle. Ebony with Bocote ringwork at B,C,D,E matching JP's.
Butt- 14.35 oz
Shaft- 13mm 4.1oz with Phenolic ferrule/tip. Slight taper roll, nothing leaves the table.
Cue rolls straight together and apart. There are a few small dings, nothing is through the finish. Breaks and jumps like a monster.

Asking Sold

Samsara JB2.jpg

Samsara JB6.jpg

These cues look great together.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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