Do I need a dehumidifier?


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The thicker/higher wool content cloths will absorb humidity more readily. It seems most commercial rooms with standard pocket size GC‘s have adopted 860HR. As a result, high runs in 14.1 are thus harder. Straight pool on a Diamond table should really necessitate 760.


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I kind of laughed when I read that 45% humidity is high. 45% humidity would be a dream. I’m dealing with swings between 50-70%, all year around. I’ve already broken one dehumidifier, and I’m not bothering with another. Can not wait until my room finally gets its electrical upgrade to get a minisplit HVAC system installed in a couple months.

50% humidity is decent for my level of play, but after several hours of playing and people breathing the room spikes to 70%. And at 70 I can see the balls start to fog up when I’m hovering over them.

I could probably deal with this level of humidity if it were consistent, but the swings are what’s brutal.


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My table plays slow. I have a 9' Diamond with Simonis cloth. I don't know what type, it's the standard tournament cloth. The same guy puts it on other tables that play quick. My table just slows up faster than usual.

I put a lot of hours on it, probably 50/week. Last time I went just 6 months and recovered it. This time around I wanted to stretch to closer to a year. But it's been 7 months now and it's getting really tough. It's not slow in terms of distance, it's gritty in terms of struggling to draw the ball or keep it sliding. It takes a monster stroke to move the cue ball around anymore.

First I thought it was table care. I use a small handheld vacuum once or twice a week, a Simonis X-1 felt cleaner now and then, some chalk off once in a while, and a slightly damp rag every few weeks.

Now I wonder if it's humidity. I bought a hygrometer to test humidity. It fluctuates between 36-46 degrees relative humidity. At 36 degrees last night I could play a bit. Tonight at 46 degrees I can't draw table length. I could last night.

I am wondering if I should buy a dehumidifier for this room. If so, do you have any recommendations? My pool room itself is only 15x25, but I could get something more powerful if you think this would make sense. Any other suggestions? Or is it normal to change cloth every 6 months with heavy commercial level usage? I have a virtual tournament coming up and I'm already playing better players, it's brutal to spot them a super gritty tough table.
Avoid chalkoff and damp rags...the cloth maybe has loosenened from dampness..restretching is an option.
....and dehumidifier is good.


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I live in Houston and we have a lot of humidity. I started using a dehumidifier last month and it makes a noticeable difference. Getting my pool room down from 65% to between 40-45% has the cue ball rolling more than a foot farther and the balls pocket a hair easier. So, it does speed things up. Other effects: less spin takes off the rails; banks are shorter, throw and gearing are changed, so you need to adjust.

Overall, I prefer the drier conditions, so I keep using it.



Check out mini split air conditioners if the room is not in a basement. My pool table is in my basement and I have three vents that I keep wide open and a return vent that helps recirculate the AC.