Doc Frye shaft - fit of piloted shafts


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I recently obtained a Doc Frye cue. I plan on making this cue my player, and I am looking to purchase a Jacoby Black carbon shaft for it. The pin is piloted 5/16x14 and I'd like to purchase a shaft that matches the diameter at the joint, and the piloted pin. Does anyone here know what cues have similar piloted pin and what the diameter of a Doc Frye is at the joint? I've seen a piloted shaft for a Schoen cue advertised, but I understand that the pilot portion for a Schoen cue is larger than most and I'd prefer not to have the piloted portion turned down to the proper dia. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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If you want it to have the pilot making contact at all, you would be better off getting the Schon version and getting it trimmed. The alternative,like here:

Should fit but won't make much contact. Jacoby also makes a version of their own pilot from when Jacoby made cues in that joint. It looks larger but no guarantee on fit for you.

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