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I have a question...does it make sense to open a room? I'm thinking about opening a room in NorCal. There are no rooms in the county (except for bars), there are 2 colleges within 10 miles and he median income is moderate.
Thinking 22 tables, Bar, Pub Grub and a couple more group games. I'm just wondering if "pool" is the business to go into right now?


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Look at the pool businesses in the area around Arizona State, which is Tempe and east Phoenix. There are several poolhalls / bar/ restaurant nearby, including Scott Frost's large one which looks like it is in a former grocery or big box store. Maybe see if the colleges have pool in their student rec areas - mine had four tables. Especially if the drinking age is 18 and you get a liquor or beer license I think 2 colleges are a good customer base to start. Think about parking, public transportation, area lifestyle, but most important rent - too many places close because the rent is high, or the rent gets jacked up. or the owner re-purposes the building.

Then forget NorCal and come to Paris TX. I'll even work for you cheap just to get a pool hall here. Maybe a small place, a dozen tables plus youth attractions like music, dancing, karaoke, darts,... The closest hall is Billiard Den in Richardson, 90 miles away. The county has some small music/food/bar pubs, but not a lot for young people, partly because the owners of a big popular spot are off in prison for something.

Anyway, from reading in this blog, pool it seems to be a hard business right now, but I was surprised to discover the wealth of pool related business in Tempe, maybe they have winning business models.

Best of luck.


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2 Colleges within 10 miles and a Bar, you'll be fine. Don't put to much stake in the pool side for your main revenue. Keep the menu high profit items, great service and well priced drinks and you'll do well. Brian.


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I'm just wondering if "pool" is the business to go into right now?

Seems like they come and go. Seems like everything is ok and then a new one opens to take away business.
If nothing is in that area maybe there is a reason..... however being the first and only room could be big.