Dominiak HG Shafts ?

Mickey Qualls

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I own an older Dominiak, and like the feel of the original shaft. But I've been looking for a backup. Something on par with what I use now.

Before anyone suggests a high-performance shaft, I've been that route with quite a few. And I'm always going back to the Dominiak shaft. My game is stronger with a conventional shaft.

After doing some research, I found these:

Leads me to believe that these HG shafts would be very close to what I shoot with now. Here's part of the sales pitch:

Why your next shaft should be a Dominiak HG...

Engineered by Mother Nature! HIGH GRADE, straight grained premium shaft ( 12 or more growth rings per inch )

High Grade:
- Most new cues come with "low grade" shafts - less than 6 growth rings per inch. Now you can upgrade the performance of your cue with a Dominiak HG shaft - 12 or more growth rings per inch.

Solid Feel:
- Like the Dominator D3, the Dominiak HG sports a newly redesigned melamine ferrule topped with a Kamui layered tip. The result is a solid hitting, low deflection shaft with exceptional feedback.

- Every step in the process of making a Dominiak cue or shaft is done in Upstate New York, USA. Each peice of maple is processed in our own sawmill and drying kilns then hand selected by a professional for assembly, ensuring the highest standards are met.

- For over twenty years our parent company Cue Stock Inc. has supplied major cue manufactures with quality maple wood. With our knowlegde and experience and the ability to control every step of the process we are able to produce quality products with very competitive pricing.

Anyone try one of these Dominiak HG shafts yet ?


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No we haven't.

Dominiak cues don't go too far outside of Western NY.