Dr. Brown story. Early 60's, Twin Cities


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A friend of mine told me a story about an old doctor that loved to play pool. I would be interested in knowing if any of you have ever heard of this story.

"He got in a fight over a game of nine ball and got his belly sliced across. The old bastard held his guts in, drove to the hospital, sewed himself up, and came back to the pool hall to finish playing nine ball.

  • Joey Aguzin
    That is a fantastic story. Would love to know more details of this fight, names, places, etc.

    "The Doc’s name was Dr Brown, never knew his first name. He had a gruff bedside manner and was not reluctant to tell you what you needed to do but he was a very good doctor. However, in his private life he loved a game of pool & a “swig or two”.
    The fight story is true, but don’t know any other details nor who the fight was with nor when it actually happened but I moved to Twin City in ‘64 & it happened the year before as I understand. I got the story from the pool room operator & a couple of others who claimed to have been there.
    My mother-in-law didn’t like him for his gruff manner, but I think she really didn’t like his drinking and “other foolishness.”

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