Dream Scenario for the future of Pool


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I have an idea on how to promote the game to the masses. It is not perfect but its a start. I believe handicap tournaments in the ONLY way to promote the game to the masses. Imagine if FARGO is able to rate each player for each discipline of the game. ie. 9-ball, 10-ball, 8-ball and so on. players must have 200, 300 500 games to play or whatever the minimum threshold needed to rate someone properly.

Handicap tournaments can be ran side by side with open pro events. For example: I believe that the handicap tournament can attract close to 1000 players or more if the handicap is done right so everyone feels like they have a chance to win at $200 entry fee, ($200,000).

We can take 20%-25% ($40,000 - $50,000) of it and add it to the OPEN PRO event. Pros MUST play in the handicap event to promote the game and they can get a package deal on the entry fee. This will give the amateurs incentive to get better to obtain their PRO card.

No venue/facility or sponsors will support an event with ONLY a 128 player pro event but the likelihood of them supporting an event with the possibility of more than 1000 players going to their facility is much higher.

Remember, NO SYSTEM WILL EVER BE PERFECT but this model might give all of us hope for a brighter future for the game we love.
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