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Just wanted to share my experience(s) having a couple cues made by Bob Dzuricky (DZ cues) from blanks made by Kelly Peterson of MVP cues. I have had 3 cues made by Bob Dzuricky and 2 of them were completed from blanks made by Kelly Peterson. I have to give nothing but 100% accolades to both of these gentlemen in turning out a very nice product. The first cue is a FS purpleheart into straight grain maple with Titlist veneers and some old school propellers. I was wanting a cue like this made and Bob already had the blank in his possession that Kelly Peterson had made; Bob finished it out to my 100% satisfaction. The second cue I had made I just received and I had Kelly make the blank using ebony/ebony with blue flame veneers and it was sent to Bob to finish. Overall I could not be more happy. Both of these cues have a old school look/feel to them with some flare. If you are wanting anything cue related built I highly recommend these 2 gentlemen. I will attach a couple pictures below.


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I'll take one of each! What's it going to cost me, and how long do I have to wait?
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