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got this set of E-Books a couple years back.

On the cover page it says

Hotshot series
Book _ of total 'six pack' billiards Library"

Then it says D.W. 'Diamond Dave' Thayer so I guess that's the author.

I haven't read them all, but here are what they cover:

Book 1 - Basics plus sighting
Book 2 - Kick shots plus diamond numbering system
Book 3 - English plus stop, draw, follow, carom, billiard, curve, jump & masse shots
Book 4 - Bank shots, one & multiple rails, plus track systems
Book 5 - frozen rail shots, dead shots, little know exceptional shots & position play
Book 6 - Break shots, combinations, 8-ball, strategics, practice drills, different size tables, trick shots, rules of play, & glossary

Has anyone else seen these books?