'Early 10-ball' rule?

Mr. Magoo

In 10-ball (call shot), not counting the break, what happens when the 10 is fluked in?

(a) After a successful pot. (b) After an unsuccessful pot.

When is it spotted?

Where is it spotted? What if there is a ball in that area already?

Is there any sort of "make the other guy shoot again" involved?

Mr. Magoo

If you complete your called shot, and sink the 10 also; then the 10 is immediately spotted on the head spot.

If you fail to complete your called shot, and sink the 10-ball; then I'm not sure when the the 10 is spotted - especially when it obstructs the incoming player.

We play that it is spotted after the incoming player finishes his first shot - but that probably isn't the pro rule. What if the incoming player would have a perfect combo on the 10 but because it isn't spotted yet, he can't do that combo !


AzB Silver Member
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Always spot the ball after it's made. The incoming player has the option to pass the shot. If there is a ball in the way place the ball on a line below the spot as close to the spot as possible.