~<>Ebony and Ivory Cognoscenti<>~


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A friend of mine has to sell his prized cognoscenti in order to make it to a funeral down south. Possibly interested in partial trades + cash, but this is something that needs to be a done deal and quickly so please no window shoppers....

Congo's signature sterling silver stitch ringwork at all positions and a black sharkskin wrap.
5-Ickry points in the forearm and 5 more in the butt sleeve.
Old, green g-10 pin.
Shaft 1-Full size, Kamui black SS tip - (standard length)
Shaft 2-Same, just 1/2" longer since Joe's cues are naturally slightly shorter than most traditional cues.
This cue is straight together and apart and the finoverall in fantastic overall condition.
This cue new, retails for $2500
Looking to get $1800 with both shafts. Shipped and insured. OBO.
If someone's only interested in the original shaft, take $200 off the asking price.
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You must've forgotten, this is AZ, mister. Home of the window-shopper! ;)
If I had a nickle for every dipshit that pretended he was gonna buy something....

Regardless, I am very interested. Please email pics ASAP.



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You forgot to mention the silver bars within all of the points, above and below. This used to be my cue - hits awesome.