Eddie Robin SMS & W1P books $225 for both


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Eddie Robin SMS & W1P books $225 for both

These 2 books have SOLD

Both of these wonderful One-Pocket books by Eddie Robin have been used and studied - extra copies that I have for the 1P player looking for affordable copies to study and get into a collection that can be shared amongst friends since these are not flawless, don’t touch, look at only copies

The SMS is a 1st Edition. Good condition.



The Winning One-Pocket is a 2nd Edition. In OK condition with one light damaged corner and trace of moisture exposure. The binding is near perfect and again, this copy will make a great book to use and study.




A quick search will let you know these books routinely go for $400+ as a pair in good to great condition and easily past $600 in mint condition.


~ K.
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